About Us
Shenzhen Shenglong Netting Co., Ltd.

 is well-equiped with more than 102 advanced machines, including 32 net weaving machines and wrap knitting machines, 6 twisting machines, 64 stitching machines.  Specialized in various net, made from PE, nylon, PP, polyester, from  monofilament to  2400 ply net, including single  selvage, double selvage, and thick selvage, knotless, single knot, double knots. Color could be single color, or double mixed color,  or several  colors mixed. Could be used for fishing, vegetables and sports.  The sports net that we mainly produce are badminton net, volleyball net,  tennis net,  golf net, batting cage net, hockey net,  football net,  basketball net, rebound net,  field net,  fence net and so on.


Hight Quality

Stable and even quality. Every batch is controlled very well.

Nets are durable for outdoor use. UV stabilized

Net surface is soft, smooth and even.

Net mesh is very accurate and standard.

Color is bright but natural.
High abrasive resistance. 

Net Color
The color could be custom according to your requirement. Common net colors are white, black, dark red, dark green, blue, etc.. 

Net Band
Band material: oxford, polyester, pvc traupauline, cotton, weaving tape ; Band thickness: 0.3mm, 0.35mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm…